Agustin Muzio
Agustin Muzío Agustin Muzío

Born in Pergamino (Buenos Aires) Argentina in 1977, the son of a farming family living in the humid pampas, Agustin came to Ibiza in June 2010 after traveling, living and working for three years in different parts of Europe, connecting first hand with the native cultures of his ancestors.

In his formative years in Buenos Aires, he studied sociology for over 4 years, and in 2006 he graduated as a professional photographer.

He was interested primarily in journalistic documentary photography, generating reports that show the distressing reality of ordinary people in their country of origin. At this stage and due to his training, Agustín became interested in the issues that cross over from the western culture in the late capitalist phase. He began approaching groups promoting humanitarian causes and environmental awareness, as a way of responding to the structural crisis that manifests in the capitalist-consumerist model, with its wasteful use of non-renewable energy resources and its production of pollutants.

In Ibiza, Agustin has a close relation with the model ecological center "Casita Verde", and actively participates in the dissemination of new strategies for improving local community practices. With the aim of helping to form a transitional movement which will truly exceed the shortcomings of the present culture and its exhausted way of life, he believes that we need to change the current model, based on the generation of constant imbalance with the environment and with other types of cultures, especially with respect to the confrontation between ourselves.


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